Sunday, March 9, 2008

Social Bookmarking | Web 2.0 Elements

Every system needs to evolve to survive and the way the web works is no exception the new elements on the block are those strange square symbols you see at the bottom of web pages or scattered about here and there on news stories. These are the web 2.0 elements from the rise of social bookmarking comes a new way of getting traffic to your website.

A lot of people are now having their own space on the web either from MySpace or something similar from these pages in cyberspace they can add pages to that area for personal or general distribution that the individual finds useful providing it has got a social bookmark corresponding to that site.

For example if you go onto sky news site and you see a particular news story that is of interest to you and you would like to keep a copy of it located in your cyberspace you would click on the Squidoo if you belong to that or the yahoo space or MySpace symbol and log in and then you're done it can be a personal part of your space or shared part of your space.

Many internet marketers are just starting to realize the power of these social bookmarking sites and the way they can be used to get your website spidered or indexed very quickly. The way to do this is for example you create your web page and at the bottom of the page you add the social bookmarking scripts.

These java scripts can be found on a number of sites just search for social bookmarking scripts then copy and paste the required script or elements you want into your web page and there you go. After completion of adding these scripts you will see a number of these little square box elements appear on your web page. Make sure you use the yahoo element then click on this and add the content of your site to the yahoo web page by using your yahoo id then adding it to your personal or shared space by repeating this for all the different elements and social bookmarking sites and your web page starts to attract the big spiders to come and index your page.

The problem with all this is social bookmarking sites eventually will get bogged down with people just trying to sell you something all the time and that starts to generate social bookmarking spam. So the idea is to use this system sensible don't go trying to get involved with everybody on MySpace try to find your own niche only and then target your market.

Most internet marketers are sensible and realise that your reputation is on the line and if you act very irresponsibly you will lose your customers and customer's confidence. By acting in a defined responsible and accountable manner then your business will grow online into something worth developing.

Social bookmarking is very new and there is time to set out your market stall online to the MySpace / YouTube generation and make your business be a part of the good side of social bookmarking and web 2.0 elements or we are faced with waiting for the next major change in web structure and elements to occur for marketing opportunities.

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